What causes staph infection in throat?

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Causes of staph infection

Staph is the short form of the Staphylococcus which is a bacterium characterized for being round. They resemble a bunch of grapes when looked at under a microscope. Most human infections are caused by this bacteria which is very infectious and can be life threatening. To treat this illness, antibiotics that are erythromycin based or penicillin based and cephalosporin is used. It is the bacteria that cause the fever which later leads to weakness and lumpy red rashes on the skin. The cause of this infection in the throat is the Group B Streptococcus.

Staph Infection In ThroatSymptoms of a sore throat

When you have a sore throat, the lower part of the throat becomes itchy or scratchy. It is accompanies by a cough which is prominent and you need not see the doctor unless your cough has a yellow sputum or a green one excreted with it along with running a high fever. One of the symptoms for a sore throat can be a staph infection. Fever may not be very high but it is important that you see the doctor who can differentiate between the staph infection throat and a strep infection. This bacterial infection can be chronic and needs immediate attention as it can be deadly.

Sore throat inflames the mucous membrane which is present in the pharynx and if it is because of staph infection, it can become so bad that even swallowing water can become difficult. Staph can exist on any part of the skin but usually hides under your arms, inside the nose, on the perineum or on the hands and even inside the throat. It can be life threatening and can sometimes become colonized on your body which means there are more than two or three places on your body which can get infected. It is only the local physician who can diagnose whether the infection has colonized or not.

The most common symptom of a staph infection in the throat is a red rash at the back of the throat with blisters that are puss filled under the surface of the tissue of the throat along with lymph nodes that are enlarged in the neck.

Treatment for staph infection in the throat

The only treatment for a staph infection that occurs in any part of the body is antibiotics recommended by a health care professional along with the drainage of the bumps or lesions under sterile conditions. Staph infections are usually recurrent and need continuous treatment. It requires good hygiene a

s a preventive method. Therefore, hands should be frequently washed and lotions which are hand-sanitizers should be used. Any opening in the skin should be covered until it is completely healed and be cleaned regularly. Moreover contact with people with wounds should be avoided. This disease is more common among children as they have many tonsillar crypts which are actually small pockets within the tonsils.

When infected, it is important to flush out the bacteria from the system by drinking fluids and eating food which will be soft on the tonsils.


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