What causes a staph infection?

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Physicians are of the opinion that a person may be a carrier of staph bacteria for some time but he or she may or may not suffer from Staph infection. This leads to a very common query as what causes a staph infection? It has been researched and proved in various studies that Staph infection can be carried out thru daily community contact when the carrier of this bacterium is not aware that he has staph infection. The community contact could be simple as a hug or even a handshake where there is an open wound in the hand and the bacteria travels to the skin of the second person thru touch. In order to create a general awareness we have tried to understand the basic factors that help the Staphylococcus bacteria to contaminate other people’s skin and body with Staph infection.

Understanding the main causes leading to staph infection

Once you understand what causes a staph infection you would be able to contain it and ensure good hygiene rules to prevent it from your body and your home altogether.

Staph InfectionSpreading of Staph infection thru personal belongings

Most families share a few of their personal belongings like bath towels, pillows and even combs. This habit is predominantly present in boys and men. When a person infected with staph infection is not aware of his infection, he gets other people infected with the infection as they use his personal belongings and get infected in return. The bacterium has strong survival skills and can also be present in moisture and dry areas. Therefore the process of continues without the people being aware of it.

Patients suffering from immediate hospitalization

If you have just had a major surgery or visit the hospital for medical support process like dialysis, your immunity system is weak. There are high chances that your body being vulnerable would succumb to staph infection. If you are using invasive device like catheter you might have infection and the infection might rapidly enter your body and create health complications. Therefore it becomes necessary that hygienic conditions are maintained.

Infection from infected surgical devices

These bacteria can enter a tube and then get into the body and create havoc in your body system. These tubes could be used during dialysis, breathing and feeding tubes for terminally ill people. Therefore even in hospitals proper care shoul

d be ensured by the health care givers.

Thru sports

In various outdoor sports like rugby, football contact between players skin is made during the game. When a player has staph infection he can transmit it to others. Thus care should be taken in this regard and personal belongings should never be shared for self hygienic reasons.

If staph infection is left uncared, sepsis might occur and this would lead to complex health conditions. Thus it is in best interest to identify the basic factors that cause staph infection and prevent them from occurring in your home.


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