What are the symptoms of staph infection in the eyes and in the ears?

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Diagnosis of staph infections

This infection is commonly diagnosed by appearance and does not need any testing in the laboratory. However, if the infection is serious such as infection in the blood stream, Endocarditis, Pneumonia, then the blood samples or body fluids have to be cultured and specially tested in order to determine as to which antibiotics can help fight the bacteria. There are a number of tests that can be carried out for the diagnosis of this infection such as urine tests, blood pressure tests, a culture test of the wound or even the testing of the respiratory secretion and if the infection is even more severe then tests of the kidney and liver functioning or a lumbar puncture is carried out to determine the treatment of the disease.

The goals of diagnosing staph infection is to confirm whether the bacteria has developed a resistance to more than one antibiotics or whether it has been caused S.Aureus Bacteria as well as to determine how severely the infection has affected the functions of the body and what exactly has caused the infection. In most cases, it is just a small piece of tissue that is removed from the infected area by the use of a swab and then tested.

Staph Infection In Eye And EarStaph infection in the ears and eyes

One of the common practices among all ages of individuals is ear piercing. This is done under the supervision of a technician but if there is infection that follows, one must not take it lightly. It is probably associated with a life risk staph infection. The symptoms are swelling, redness around the area of pierced ear and acute pain. With time this can lead to l

oss of hearing as well as infection in the cavity of the sinus. Therefore, do not ignore any discomfort that has developed after your piercing as it can be very risky. Be sure that during the process of piercing, good hygiene is used in order to avoid such infections. It is advisable that for at least a fort-night an alcohol swab is used on the pierced area in order to dissipate any risk of staph infection.

A staph infection in the eye is called Hordeolum which in common terms is referred to as a Stye. It can infiltrate the eye glands and make them full with the oil within creating a painful, red lump that can cause redness on the eyes as well as cheeks. The staph bacteria can enter the eye through various means like eye make-up that has expired or has a bacteria content, eye make-up that has not been properly removed before going to bed, hormonal changes or excessive stress, and even excessive seborrhea being secreted from the glands of the eyes. Ensure that you wash your hands before touching your eyes if it has developed this infection as well as discard any item that can be infected with these bacteria like contact lenses, eye drops and even eye make-up. You must practice good eye hygiene to prevent such infections.


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