What are the symptoms for the early stages of Staph infection?

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What is Staph infection?

The staph infection is the syndrome that is caused by a certain group of bacteria already residing on the human skin and nose. These bacteria remain inactive and harmless for the people with strong immune system. The people with weakened immune system often gets affected by these bacteria when have certain skin disease or injuries. These bacteria enter the human body through the wound and often form mild to severe kinds of infection.

Stages of Staph infection

The different stages of the Staph infection vary according to the affected area of the bod that is infected by the bacteria. The early stages of the staph infection often look like a boil or insect bite which later transform into swollen, painful and reddened areas that extensively turns into severe kind of infection.

Staph InfectionThe staph infection usually affects the human skin that has the lower resistivity power to fight against its adverse effects. This includes the people who have recently undergone certain surgical analysis or have the existence of certain other skin disease. During the early stages, the development of boils that contains pus or heads with transparent fluid is the most common phenomenon. The other symptoms include fever, redness and a sensation of warmth at the affected area.

At times the staph infection can enter the human body through the cuts and wounds caused due to certain injuries that an individual might have undergone. This leads to blood poisoning as well as affects the areas of lungs, heart, joint and bones. These areas witness severe cases of inflammation hence giving rise to severity of the Staph infection.

Some of the symptoms of this stage of the Staph infection include:

•    One may experience muscle pain during the advent of staph infection poisoning the blood.

•    Fever and rashes are the most coon symptoms to declare its presence.

•    Tiredness and headache also can be the reason behind the infection to be present in your blood.

•    People have also complained about shortness of breath and chest pain during the Staph infection’s advent in the blood.

Diagnosis and treatment

justify;">The Staph infection with mild symptoms can be diagnosed and treated with certain home remedies. The people with strong immune system often have the resistivity in which they reduce the poisonous textures of the infection automatically. But people with weakened immunity often get their infection turn into severe modes. Hence they need to come under the expert guidance to get the disease diagnosed.

The treatment of the infection can be done with several antibiotics that are present in the market but the MRSA type of infection remains resistant to the antibiotics that are hugely prescribed by the doctors. The recent development has introduced certain extreme quality of antibiotics that can actively remove the adverse effects of the MRSA type of infection letting the symptoms to disappear.


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