What are the signs and types of staph infections and relevant info?

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Staph infection can happen in a large range of formats, but it usually appears in a small manner such as a pimple or a tiny boil. From that small appearance, it can take the shape of something sinister and quite often into a life threatening complication such as septicemia, endocarditic etc. this infection is caused by a bacterium known as Staphylococcus Auereus and the shortened form of that is staph. This infective virus is usually found on the surface of our skin and inside the cavity of our nose. It is able to infect us through an open cut or a wound on the skins surface and can take a nasty turn and there are instance of it becoming a life-threatening situation.

There is as mentioned above, a large variety of format for this infection and one would do well to keep informed of these. It is important to know about signs and types of staph infections that is commonplace.

Signs And Types Of Staph InfectionsThe signs and types of staph infections are:

Carbuncles: this is usually a number of boils on the skin and congregates to form a larger sized one. This is a very painful boil.

Furuncles: this usually begins as a small sized boil near the hair follicle and can turn into a painful one. These usually rupture and there is puss formation as well as pain.

Cellulites:  parts of the legs, arm or feet could get swollen and red in this skin condition. This is not a dangerous infection unless the skin is ruptured and further infection does not take place through the blood stream.

Impetigo:  this is a variation of staph infection, which is seen in children up to 6 yrs and looks like small red blisters on the surface of the skin on their arms and face. Often a hard crusty layer is seen covering these parts as well.

Osteomyelitis: This is the name of the infec

tion that afflicts the bone structure and is caused by staph infection that enters into the bloodstream possibly through a wound on the surface.

Meningitis:  this is a condition, where the fluid filled membranes inside the brain and the spinal column are inflamed due to a staph bacterial infection. Affliction in this area can often result in a life-threatening situation.

Although staph infections normally look very small and relatively harmless they have the potential to turn into something quite big and discomforting if care is not taken or proper medical attention is not given. Cleanliness is the first command that must always be adhered to, and being unclean is to invite the wrath of an infection most easily. If you have or know someone that has this infection then, please remember the signs and types of staph infections and try to avoid use of any article that is in use by the afflicted person. The puss from this infectious sore is terribly contagious and therefore maintaining this physical distance is of paramount importance.


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