What are the causes for vaginal staph infection?

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The Vaginal staph infection often are known as the Vaginal MRSA as they are usually effective towards the people with lesser immune power and have the bacteria accumulation that remains resistant to the antibiotics. This kind of infection is highly contagious that grows in and around the areas of Vagina. The symptoms of this infection are similar to those in the other parts of the body and can only be treated with strong antibiotics. The complete sense of hygiene can let women free of these vaginal staph infections.

Symptoms of vaginal staph infection

There are similar symptoms of the vaginal staph infection to those present and occurred in other parts of the human body. The only difference lies in the affected area as the bacteria choose the vagina for their advent and accumulation to turn it to infection. Some of the symptoms that can confirm you about their existence in your intimate part are:

Vaginal Staph Infection•    Small boils or pimples in the vaginal areas.

•    These pimples and boils found in the legs and buttocks also results in the occurrence of the vaginal staph infection.

•    One might experience pain at the site of the affected area which follows with occasional fever.

•    The affected area gets reddened with the considerable passage of time.

•    The affected area when provides you a warm sensation can help you to diagnose its presence.

•    The boils present in the vaginal area, buttocks or legs are filled with pus that are harmful and the symptoms to mid or severe range of infection.

The symptoms when are not diagnosed and treated under medical guidance often reaches the blood stream that causes serious illness. The patient at times can also die due to this instigated undiagnosed vaginal staph infection.

Diagnosis of vaginal staph infection

The doctors usually swab the affected areas during the diagnosis of the vaginal staph infection. The swab after being thoroughly tested is prescribed with antibiotics that can work in the removal of the symptoms of the infection. The patients with vaginal staph infection are advised to complete the cycle of the treatment consuming the full-course of the antibiotics. Is the patient stop the course before the cycle ends, the bacteria in the affected area mutates resulting into the development of resistance against the antibiotics.

Transmission and prevention

The patient as soon as witnesses the symptom of the vaginal staph infection are advised to undergo expert medical aid to actively remove the harmful bacteria. Other than the med

ical help, the patients must have the sense of hygiene to avoid the transmission or future mutation of the bacteria. Some of the homey preventions that can let you avoid the vaginal staph infection are:

•    Avoiding intercourse with the partner sustaining this infection.

•    The towels used regularly are needed to be washed.

•    The personal items too need proper washing. It is advised to use anti-bacterial soap to remove the adverse signs that may lead you to vaginal staph infection.


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