What all you need to know about Cellulitis and Cellulitis – Home Treatment

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Cellulitis is bacteria, a spreading infection that usually begins with swelling, tenderness of small areas and redness on the skin. As this redness begins to spread, the infected person may develop a fever and lymph nodes may swell.  Though the infection is not severe but if not treated on time it might turn out to be a real disease. People with diabetes or weak immune system or those suffering from HIV/AIDS are more likely to develop Cellulitis.

Cellulitis - Home TreatmentLet us know what causes Cellulitis and how helpful is Cellulitis – Home Treatment

Cellulitis is a spreading infection and the main source of bacteria accountable for developing Cellulitis is Staphylococcus commonly known as staph, at times other bacteria may also result in Cellulitis. It is caused by bacteria entering the skin, usually by way of a cut, abrasion or break in the skin. Cellulitis is a common infection and it can affect people of various ages and races. Both women and men are likely to get equally affected. Though Cellulitis can affect people within any age group, it is likely to develop in elderly people and the middle-aged. Home treatment can be a better option for many individuals who cannot afford the expensive treatments provided at hospitals and other medical institutions. However, you must take the severity of your condition into consideration before you start with home treatment as many a times it is seen that hospital treatment is only the need of the hour.

Cellulitis – Home Treatment

If you have developed Cellulitis strictly follow your physician’s instructions about medicine and skin care however Cellulitis – Home Treatment can be equally effective. To prevent yourself from infection follow the below suggestions:-

  • From time to time apply moisturizer to prevent your skin from becoming dry and cracked
  • To reduce swelling elevate your affected arm or leg
  • To prevent fluid buildup use support stockings
  • Do not come in direct contact with possible sources of infection such as ill family members or  their used belongings
  • Wearing comfortable shoes that fit well and provide enough room for your feet
  • From time to time apply warm compresses to the affected area.
  • Take special care of infected area if you are diabetic

Other symptoms that may occur along with Cellulitis

    Hair loss at the site of infection
•    Abnormal joint stiffness caused by swelling of the tissue over the joint
•    Nausea and vomiting
•    Possible Complications that may develop due to Cellulitis
•    Blood infection
•    Inflammation of the lymph vessels
•    Inflammation of the heart
•    Meningitis
•    Bone infection
•    Tissue death

Even if you are done with Cellulitis – Home Treatment, follow up with your doctor to verify that the infection is gone. Be sure to take all the antibiotics prescribed against Cellulitis. The doctor may want to see you after 2-3 days to see if the Cellulitis is improving.



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