Treating and Preventing Staph Infection

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Staph infection is also called staphylococcal infection which is a very common problem found in people. Any individual can get affected by staph infection and it can appear in any part of the body. Staph infection is mainly caused due to bacteria that first sits on the body of an individual and then enters the body through a wound or a cut. Staphylococcal infection can also be the result of touching anything that is found to be contaminated by bacteria or else by sharing towels, clothes and even bed linens with someone suffering from staph infection. Staph infections are of various kinds depending upon the contamination place. Staph infections in hair follicle can appear as white heads while they also emerge in the form of boil. The most common places where a staph infection can appear are the bum, face, inner thighs and armpits. A staph infection in the form of a boil is more uncomfortable than a staph infection in the form of a boil.

Preventing Staph InfectionStaph Infection Types

Bacteria of staph can easily cause infections in the eyes, abscesses in sebaceous glands or sweat, carbuncles, impetigo and boils. The bacteria of staph are able to spread very easily in the blood stream and they can infect different parts of the entire human body.

Who are the ones at risk?

Men who are in a habit of shaving their faces on a regular basis have greater risks of contacting staph infections in cuts and shaving nicks. Impetigo is a kind of staph infection that is found in school going children because such children are always in contact of other children. Minor staph infections and boils can generally appear in people who work at hospitals and even other people.

Symptoms of staph infection

Carbuncles, abscesses and boils are common types of staph infections that are painful. The skin turns red and it is also felt hot when touched. Pus might be trapped or visible under the skin and drainage might also occur spontaneously. Many a times, it is found that doctors have to open or cut the boil and allow the pus to drain in order to clear the area of any kind of puss that would aggravate the staph infection. The puss that is found in the boil contains bacteria and when the boil is cut and the puss is allowed to drain, special care should be taken as the puss contains bacteria that might further cause staph infection in another individual. If blisters are found appearing on the skin then it is an indication of impetigo. Most of the times, impetigo is found to be painless but the area around the blister is itchy and red.

Staph Infection and its Treatment

It is becoming very difficult to treat staph infections because the bacteria of staph infections are opposed to antibiotics that are commonly prescribed by doctors. Doctors nowadays are found avoiding the process of prescribing antibiotics excluding serious staph infections because it has been found that it is the overuse of antibiotics that has made the bacteria more resistant.

Other types of staph infections like impetigo, boils and several minor staph infections require three to five days to get healed completely. However, it is important to clean the infected area regulalrly and cover the area with bandage. Antibiotic ointment should be avoided because it helps in making the bacteria of staph infection further more resistant. Instead, a gel made from manuka honey should be used because such a gel possesses natural antibacterial qualities

and proves to be very effective in killing bacteria that is resistant.

Deep moisturizing mask should be used for treating staph infection on the face because deep moisturizing mask speeds up the healing process and at the same time it also provides great relief from the visible signs of staph infection.

Preventing Staph Infection

The use of antibacterial soaps should be avoided because such soaps contain triclosan that damages the skin and makes the bacteria of staph infection even more resistant. People should always make it a habit to use cleansers that contain manuka honey or tea tree oil because such products help in bringing about a reduction in the risk of staph infections.


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