The Experiences of People infected by Staph Bacterium

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Staph infections are considered to be very dangerous and they can even lead to the death of an individual. It is estimated that there are about twenty-five to thirty percent people who carry staph bacterium on their skin and people with weak immune systems generally contract staph infections. The experiences of some people who have been found to suffer from staph infections have been narrated below:

Comment from Albert, Male 35

Albert is about thrity-five years of age and he had some tiny pedis type of thing appearing on his left foot in summer 2013. After treating the pedis it went away for some time but again in the month of November it re-appeared. This time he scratched the skin where the infection had appeared and soon it started showing symptoms of staph infection.

People infected by Staph BacteriumThe most common symptoms were pus, itching, redness, blistering, skin sloughing and pain. Albert had one single Cephalexin course for ten days and then he even had Doxycycline for a period of eight days. It seemed to be improving but it again re-appeared after four weeks by taking a break of about two to three weeks. At present, Albert is on the second Cephalexin course and the infection is found to be improving but it has not gone completely.

There is one thing that Albert has aggressively changed in his daily diet and that is his intake of carbs and sugars because bacteria feed from these foods. He eats more of green, fresh and leafy vegetables. He takes a balanced diet of fruits because fruits contain sugars. Albert is of the thought that good hygiene serves to be very helpful in treating staph infection. He also applies turmeric powder in the form of a paste on the infected area and then washes it off with lukewarm water containing salt after some time. This provides a great deal of relief. Albert also drinks two tablespoons of crushed pepper and tu

rmeric powder in coconut water early in the morning. He is hoping to achieve or eradicate body balance by controlling bacteria and not allowing the bacteria to control him. The tips that have been provided above are a recollection of the steps that have been taken for controlling staph infection and they should not be taken as an advice.

Comment from Chris, Male 28

Chris had staph infections regulalrly for a period of five years after he went through a sinus surgery. One of the staph infections resulted in hospitalization. In 2004, Chris had a fall and he was not unable to stand either. He was admitted to the hospitals where doctors were unable to find anything even after having an x-ray. A week passed and Chris was still not improving and his stomach was distended and he had to return to the emergency room. The doctors did a test and found that it was MRSA. After several other tests, it was found that he had a 4×6 mass in his chest cavity and it was something that was causing a lot of pain in his backbone that appeared to be as hard as a boil. Chris was on IV therapy for a period of twelve weeks and since then he has been having various kinds of issues of the health.


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