The Comments of Patients on the Length of Lasting of the Symptoms of Staph Infection

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Detecting the symptoms of staph infections is not a difficult task to do because staph infection appears in the form of a boil or a pimple on the skin that is filled with pus and it is accompanied with tenderness, redness and pain. The pimple or the boil is also found to be swollen and it requires draining off the pus that is contained in it. Some comments of the longetivity of the symptoms of staph infection from patients of staph infection have been enumerated below:

Symptoms Of Staph InfectionComment from Colleen, Male 26

Colleen was recently admitted to the hospital with staph infection in his left leg. There was a very small nick on his calf back and his doctors believe that the staph infection entered his body through this nick. Unfortunately, the staph infection in Colleen was very acute and sudden. It occurred in a matter of few hours and Colleen was in toxic shock from the infection. When doctors tested him, his body temperature was above 108 degrees and Colleen was immediately taken to the emergency room. Colleen was in hospital for a period of eight days and was continuously treated by antibiotics. Initially his leg was swollen and it was very red but after a span of three to four days, there were blisters all over the shin and the calf and since then it has begun to scab over. He is now out of hospital and it has been three weeks now but he still needs to bandage the affected area. Thankfully, it has been found that the scabs have reduced and there is only a very small area of his calf that is required to be bandaged.

Comment from Thomson, Male 38

Thomson was surprised to find that what he had been suffering since three years was staph infection. Staph infection in Thomson started in the form of a rash on his tail-bone. In the past, Thomson also experienced knots in his groin area that would eventually burst. Thomson’s doctor treated him with antibiotics and creams, but after Thomson visited his doctor for a period of two weeks continuously, his doctor called him and told him that he had been infected by staph bacterium. At present he is on hi prescribed medicines, creams and an

tibiotics for his under finger nails and for his nostrils. Thomson was also told by his doctor to get hold of a soap called Hibiclens and to use the soap from the day he came to know that he was suffering from staph infection. Thomson visits his doctor on a regular basis and until date he has been having the symptoms of staph infection.

Comment from Mary, Female 25

Mary contracted MRSA when she had a surgery of her ankle and it was around three years ago. Since then, Mary has had MRSA pneumonia and she also has constant problems of sinus, sore throat, severe hoarseness, congestion and cough. She is fine when she is on prednisone and antibiotics but if she does not take these then she has to fight with the symptoms of staph infection.


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