Recognizing the Symptoms of Staph Infection

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If you are of the view that you might be having a staph infection then the first thing to do is to visit a doctor for carrying out tests and further treatment. However, there are certain important symptoms of staph infection that can be watched out for before visiting a doctor for the treatment of staph infection. The symptoms of staph infection have been enumerated below:

Look out for basic symptoms

The beginning of any kind of staph infection can easily be recognized by certain basic symptoms like redness and swelling in any area of the body, fever, tenderness felt in any area of the body. These symptoms are usually found in areas that might have been injected by needle, open cuts and wounds. The symptoms can also appear in any part of the body.

Look out for blisters

Staph infection of the skin will always carry blisters and tenderness in areas that are infected. The blisters that serve as the symptoms of staph infection are generally crusty, open or closed and filled with pus. Oozing blisters and sores possessing a very crusty edge around the nose and the mouth are very common in children.

Staph InfectionCheck out for red and sore skin

When the staph infection starts developing on the skin, redness and rash like thing will be found appearing on the skin. This redness of the skin is also accompanied with pain and tenderness when pressure is applied on the area.

Temperature should be taken

Staph infections are primarily bacterial and therefore they are accompanied by fever that would last several days. If a person has fever that remains for three to four days then it becomes important to visit the doctor.

Scalded skin

Scalded skin is a very rare symptom of staph infection. Scalded skin is a condition of the skin where painful blisters and rash start developing on the skin and as the blisters pop; the entire layer of skin comes off with it leaving a scalded skin.

Check for blood poisoning

If the staph bacterium is able to get into the bloodstream of an individual then it is possible to notice the symptoms of blood getting infected. This might also include chills, high fever, vomiting, rapid rate of the heart and nausea. If this symptom is not treated immediately it would cause infections of the organ, muscles, bones and even surgical implants.

Look for toxic s

hock symptom

This is another important symptom of staph infection that is required to be looked out for. Toxic shock symptom can be noticed by means of a rash, fever, seizures, headaches and confusions. Toxic shock syndrome can also be caused by flesh wounds, surgery and the improper use of tampons by women.

Look for mastitis

Breast feeding women can get infected by staph bacterium in the tissue of the breast that can also infect the milk of her breast. Therefore such women should always check for blisters filled with pus and even abscesses on nipples and breasts.


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