Recognize These Symptoms of Staph infection on Face & Treat it immediately!

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Most people do not realize that they are suffering from staph infection and treat it like ordinary infection. In fact most people take staph infection on face to be sun allergy or a persistent form of skin acne. . Only when the eruption occurs on a large scale and accompanied with high fever and itchiness in the skin that people tend to visit a doctor for help. In fact if the staph infection is not attended properly you would suffer from acute pain and emotional depression.

What are the different types of staph infection that might occur in face?

There are various varieties of staph infection on face. The basic types are:

Follicutitis- This is recognized by infection in hair follicles which are red and inflamed in affected areas.

Impetigo- This is a type of skin rash where blisters occur and amber colored pus ooze out when the blisters open.

Staph Infection On FaceSkin Abscess – Cavities are found in the skin and are filled with pus. The cavities are found beneath the skin.

Furuncle – Skin rashes which are boils and are filled with pus.

Cellulitis – Swelling and deep infection in the skin.

Staph infection is contagious especially in the initial days when the infection has set in and medication has not been consumed in this regard.

How do you treat staph infection in your face?

Most patients suffering from staph infection in the face are given strong antibiotics by the physician. But if the infection enters the inner layers of the skin and even muscles, surgeries have to be conducted. You can treat your infection in the face by doing the following things which are:

•    To treat a septic wound the dead tissues are removed by surgeries.

•    To treat mild infection, the face is washed with medicated washes and the hands are kept clean too. Avoid touching the face with your hands too often.

•    Have oral antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

•    The affected area in the face would have to be protected from outside elements.

How to prevent staph infection from occurring in your face?

The best way to treat staph infection is to prevent it. People may have low immunity system and use infected surgical devices which can lead to staph infection. The basic measures of prevention are:

•    If you are facing itches in your face skin do not scratch it with your nails.

•    Wash your hands before you touch your face with them.

•    Do not bite your nails and this could lead to infection in the area.

ign: justify;">•    Use sterilize razor when shaving your face. This would prevent any infection from occurring in the face.

•    Do not share face towels or soaps even among family members.

•    Wear comfortable clothes.

•    Treat diabetes and other infection problem immediately.

Staph infection in face can be cured with time and accurate medication. But after curing it do maintain the rules for hygiene. Otherwise you would get the infection back in your face in no time.


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