Is staph infection contagious?

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When you take a member of your family who is suffering from red inflammation in the skin and it is confirmed that he is suffering from Staph infection, the first question that you would ask is staph infection contagious? The doctor would confirm your fear and also mention that you would need to protect the person who is suffering from Staph infection and also prevent the infection from spreading further in your family. He would also explain to you the basic health guidelines that you would need to implement in your home.

How contagious is Staph infection?

When answering the query is staph infection contagious, the doctor would maintain that this infection is very contagious in the beginning and medication has not been applied in the staph infected skin area. In fact most people are not aware that they have staph infection and the infection gets more people infected thru community contact that occurs in daily life. Once the doctor confirms that the person has Staph infection he would be put on antibiotic medication and his wounds are dressed. These would control the infection and the contagious nature of the infection would decrease.

Staph Infection ContagiousHow do you combat the contagiousness of the Staph infection?

Most people try to understand how the contagiousness can be diminished or removed from Staph infection. They would want to understand how this disease can be prevented from occurring in their home. The basic steps to observe here are:

•    Wash your hand regularly a few times a day.

•    You would need to clean your home surroundings to twice a month.

•    Prevent yourself eating street food where the food might be contaminated with Staphylococcus bacteria. Also check the qualit

y of foods like eggs, mayonnaise when eating out. The restaurant should maintain hygienic food levels which are necessary.

•    When you have cuts in your skin, it should be immediately attended and covered with proper bandage covering. If the wound is left open Staphylococcus bacteria might enter it and this would lead to severe Staph infection for you as a patient.

When you take the above steps, contamination from Staph infection can be prevented in your home and in office. When a family member has Staph infection it would be best to contain him for a few days in a separate living area and a mother or an elderly person as a care giver should clean her hands and maintain strict hygienic rules in the home. It would also become essential that you make the person suffering from Staph infection understand the seriousness of the infection. If you have kids suffering from Staph infection this would be a major challenge as they do not like to be contained for long periods. But with a little bit of tact Staph infection can be contained and you as a homemaker would have major relief once it is contained.


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