Information about Impetigo infections to keep your children safe

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The infection usually develops among school-aged and preschool kids, a child is more susceptible to Impetigo infection in case the skin is already affected by skin problems like insect bites, eczema, poison ivy and scrapes and cuts owing to minor injuries. Impetigo infection is normally caused by either Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pyogenes.

Symptoms and Signs of Impetigo infections

Impetigo infections can affect any part of the skin but usually it develops around the mouth, nose, forearms, and hands and in case of toddlers it can be found around the diaper area. Impetigo is of two types. Let us know these two types in a detail:-

Impetigo Infections1)      Bullous impetigo – It is caused due to S.aureus and it causes large blisters it releases harmful toxins that prompt the development of larger fluid-filled blisters that look clear on the body. These blisters tend to stay on the skin for a longer period of time.

2)      Non-Bullous impetigo – This normally develops tiny blisters, which later bursts and leaves wet patches of red skin. Little later a tan or yellowish-brown crust usually covers the infected area, making it look like it has been polishes with honey.

How to treat Impetigo infections

In the initial stage and especially in the form of non-bullous infection, the best treatment is antibiotic ointment. In case the infection goes on to spread to some other parts of the human body, or even the antibiotic ointment is not effective enough to prevent the infection, the doctor is likely to prescribe an antibiotic liquid or pill, for a period of 7 to 10 days. If the medicine is not taken as prescribed the infection may worsen leading to serious complication.

Some facts about Impetigo infection

  • Impetigo infection is common among children as compared to adults.
  • Impetigo infection is highly contagious and is caused by strains of both staph and strep bacteria
  • Impetigo infection is a bacterial infection occurs on the surface of the skin.

Prevention from Impetigo infection

  • Often wash your hands with antibiotic soap
  • Keep a check on the area that have been injured
  • Keep injured
    area such as cuts, bug bites, areas of eczema, and rashes covered
  • Any one suffering from Impetigo infection should keep fingernails cut short and the impetigo sores covered with gauze and tape.
  • Do not mix the personally used belonging of the person suffering from Impetigo infection with belonging of other family member
  • Always clean the surface of your kitchen and household.

If your child has already suffered from impetigo infection, keep a check on the sores and consult a doctor if the skin doesn’t begin to heal even after 3 days of treatment. If the infected area around the rash becomes red, warm notify the doctor at the earliest. While the infection is healing keep the infected area covered even after infection got cure completely regularly use an antiseptic soap. Thorough care and cleanliness is certainly the way to treat this condition. You must also take heed in getting regular check-ups done by the physician or doctor.


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