Important Things that you should know about Staph Auereus Treatment

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The Staphylococcus Auereus bacteria, which is commonly called Staph is a bacteria that has a double sphere shape and causes skin infection in people. It is common for people to have this Staph on the skin and in their nose cavity on a routine basis normally. When infections for this show up, it usually appears as a reddish pimple or a minor abscess and looks quite harmless. When the infection turns serious in nature it can only be cured with help of a surgical procedure and would require antibiotics to help contain the infection. Let us know about staph aureus treatment in detail.

It is important to conduct a test – An important part of staph aureus treatment

The method of determining staph infection from a commonly caused skin infection is with the help of a coagulation test procedure. The method requires placing the bacteria from an infected person to be placed inside a test tube suspended in a liquid gelatin and then it is placed inside a refrigerator. When this test tube is extracted the next morning if there is presence of the Aureus bacteria then it would have allowed coagulation. In case the bacteria was not Staph Auereus and was merely Staph Epidermis then coagulation would not be visible. If coagulation was visible then the contents of the liquid in the test tube could not be poured out.

Staph Aureus TreatmentIt is very difficult to treat staph virus infection and more so if the infection was caused by MRSA which is another variation of the Staph virus. While it is possible to treat Staph with Methicillin, which is a synthetic version of Penicillin, The MRSA variation on the other hand defies treatment. This variation has become immune to treatment and can often turn life threatening or create bone infections of serious nature. Staph aureus treatment is delayed because the appearance of the infection seems like a small insect bite, a pimple, or a blister on the skin.

Maintaining total cleanliness is a pre requisite

When staph infection is present, that simple pimple like structure can dramatically change into an abscess through aggravation. The virus

has the ability to infect ones blood, bones, tissues and the entire area around the infected part. The virus basically multiples on the skins surface and the puss formed on the surface can spread to other parts of the body by contact. This spreading can take place on the person or from the person to another. When a test is conducted, the laboratory will see which antibiotic can effectively kills the germs.

Treatment begins with draining of the abscess on the skin followed by a sustained application of antibiotics for weeks, sometimes. The most important aspect of treatment is to maintain total cleanliness in every aspect of daily life. The operated wound must be kept clean, through regular dressing change. Hands must be regularly washed and use of disposable towel is recommended. All object of daily use must be disinfected and physical contact with others is best refrained from. When clothes of the infected person are washed, it is required to wash it with a hit water cycle and maintaining completely cleanliness in every aspect is a burning need.


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