How to Recognize the Symptoms of Staph Infection in Dogs

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For those who have a pet dog it is a common sight to see them with little spots of bald patch and showing a reddish tinge. Often they can be found, licking or scratching those spots and if you try to stroke them, they begin whining in pain. These are sore spots on their body, which has the possibility of turning into a problem area later on. As pet owners normally do, they have a tendency to think a flea caused this and they start looking for the culprit, only to discover none. These problem areas can get to a point where things take a serious turn and you will find your dog scratching incessantly.

Staph Infection In Dogs

Do not let skin condition in your pet go untreated

One can also find a stage where the dog may be scratching and letting out whines of pain to let you know how serious the situation has turned into and begin to feel sorry for their pet. In cases like this, it is to be understood that the dog is not facing a normal situation and the prime offender could be blamed on staph infection in dogs. Normally many dogs do have sore spots that are itchy and irritating. These however can and do heal by itself in a short span of time. However, when such spots are left untreated and the situation prolongs there is always the danger of Staph infection in dogs.

When this infection happens, it is a complicated situation and the possibility of it becoming a threat is credible. Should the situation turn in a staph infection, consultation with a vet must be made at the earliest. In the normal circumstances, how will a pet owner identify the condition, here is a guide. The skin will show the following signs- itchiness, reddishness, swelling and your pet is likely to attempt chewing the area often. You should conclude that it is possible the situation is from Staph infection in dogs and seek the urgent help of a vet, without waste of time.

Staph infection in dogs can often become serious

Staph infection is caused by a bacterium called Staphylococcus and is one that afflicts the skin. This kind of bacteria can be found on the skin of both humans and animals as well and can often turn into a serious situation when aggravated. When the dog starts, scratching, chewing the area, that situation can aggravate further and the infection can spread to newer areas on the body. What happens is when staph infection is present the scratchy surface of the skin oozes a puss like liquid and this can contamina

te further areas in a very short time.

It is therefore recommended that when you see a situation like this unfolding, keep a strict vigil. In case you notice the problem turning into something that matches the description given here, be warned that it is a sign of staph infection in dogs. Take your dog to the vet, who is likely to recommend a treatment comprising of oral antibiotics. Besides the medical treatment, it will be important for you to keep the afflicted area clean and generally maintain good hygiene.


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