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Are you aware that Staphylococcus bacteria are present in the nose and skin area among twenty eight percentage of the existing adult population? Staphylococcus aureus is the bacteria which causes Staph infection in humans. But doctors have proved that you might have a colony of this bacteria growing in your nose region but you might suffer from staph infection in the nasal areas. For you as a patient to get staph infection, you would need the bacteria to enter your oil glands or thru any body-cuts that you might have suffered. Staph infection should be treated immediately otherwise it might escalate to more complicated health problem, where there would be life risk involved.

Staph Infection In NoseWhat are the basic symptoms of staph infections in the nose?

When a patient suffers from staph infection in nose he would have the following symptoms which are:

  • Around the nose area there would be small red boils which after some time would get very painful as they would be pus in them.
  • Boils could be furuncles which are small boils or carbuncles which is an infection which is difficult to treat.
  • Your nose are would also have yellowish mucus.
  • The nostrils would sensitive and inflamed and you would have regular nasal congestion.
  • The above symptoms would also be followed with a sore throat.
  • Children also develop Impetigo and these are scabs which are honey colored and full of pus.
  • In advanced cases of staph infection in nose the patient might suffer from high fever and pain in the nasal cavity and nose area.
  • If the staph infection is not treated it could spread to other areas both internally and externally further weakening the patient’s body system. It is essential that a simple nose staph infection can lead to other dreaded disease like food poisoning, pneumonia and meningitis.

Is this infection contagious?

Like any staph infection this is contagious in the beginning when the infection has not been diagnosed and medications have not been given to the patient. If you as a patient touch the nose area and touch other parts of the body, the infection would spread.

How do you cure this infection?

Nasal staph infection can be cured in many ways which are:

  • Stop using face towels and handkerchiefs belonging to other people.
  • Do not touch your face when your hands are dirty after a game or outdoor work. Wash it with a clean hand wash and then touch your face area.
  • D
    o not pick on the boils which have erupted in the nose area. Dirt and bacteria from the nails might infect the already sensitive area.
  • When you are diagnosed with nasal staph infection the doctor would give you ointments for skin application and also put you on oral antibiotics. The nature of medication would depend on the severity of the staph infection you have developed in your nose area.

When you observe red inflammation area on your nose, contact your doctor and seek medical advice for fast recovery from this infection.


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