Discover How Staph Infections Work?

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When you admitted your mother for her gall bladder surgery, you realized that the hospital took extra precautionary measure to stop her from suffering any infection when she was in the hospital. You later realized that one of the most common infections prevalent in hospitals is Staph infection. How Staph Infections Work? A staphylococcus bacterium is responsible for Staph infection which might affect any part of the body. The severity of the person varies from person to person. Mild cases of this infection involve mild red rashes in the patient’s body but complex conditions can occur when the bacteria enters into the patient’s blood stream and creates havoc with the patient’s body. Acute conditions of Staph infection involve cases of severe food poisoning and toxic-syndrome shock. This bacterium was first discovered in 1881 and it was recognized due to the affect it had on wounds of its patients. Penicillin was used to treat this Staph infection initially but slowly the bacteria developed resistant towards it.

How Staph Infections WorkWhat happens when you suffer from this infection?

When you are trying to understand how Staph Infections Work? It is essential to understand here that many people carry this bacterium in their body but they do not suffer from this infection. There are over thirty bacteria which cause Staph infection. But Staphylococcus aureus is the main bacteria which causes Cellulitis, Impetigo and in extreme case Toxic-Shock Syndrome. If the infection is not treated immediately the patient can face death too.

How does the bacterium enter the patient’s body?

The basic ways in which the Staphylococcus aureus enters its host’s body is no different from any other infection. The various ways are as follows-

  • The bacteria enter a patient’s body thru open wounds which are left un-attended.
  • Most people eat outside food which are cooked in hygienic environments and also stored in the same way. The bacterium travels into the food you consume and then enters your bloodstream. Once it enters the bloodstream, you as a patient would suffer from food poisoning and in worst cases symptoms of toxic-shock syndrome.
  • When you are just recovering from a surgery or using invasive devices, these devices like catheter or feeding tubes could have the bacteria breeding in them. The bacterium you travel into your body and then play havoc as your immunity system is very weak at the moment. Therefore it is essential that even in hospitals necessary healthcare and sanitary guidelines are adhered to and the patient is prevented from succumbing to staph infection.
  • One of the most common ways by which staph infections are
    carried from one person to other is by using other people’s personal belonging like towels, combs and brushes. The person is unaware that he has an infection; therefore people using his personal belongings get exposed to the infection and become a carrier themselves.
  • Sports are another area where the players can get infected with the infection if the wound or the infection is un-attended.

In the end it is very important to contain Staph infection as this infection is very contagious. Unknowingly a person can infect many people with this infection and this would lead to various health problems.


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