Comments of Patients on Antibiotic Resistant Staph Infection

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Staph infection is a very dangerous skin infection that causes a large number of problems for the people who are infected and at the same time it also can lead to the death of an individual. It is very important to treat staph infection on an immediate basis because this helps in preventing the infection from spreading to different parts of the body. Some comments of patients suffering from staph infection on antibiotic resistance have been detailed below:

Antibiotic Resistant Staph InfectionComment from Christine, Female 42

Christine was diagnosed with staph infection in her nasal cavity five years ago and she used to visit a specialist of infectious diseases, further she visited an ENT and at present she is again visiting a specialist of infectious diseases. None of the specialists been able to help Christine till date, she has started getting migraines, high blood pressure, dark green discharge and pus from the boil and even dizziness. Christine’s jaw aches and her temples and right ear also hurt tremendously. Christine also has neck pain and she had had neck x-rays but they have yielded no results till date. She has also used twelve kinds of antibiotics in the last five years which have been of no use to Christine. Christine is found to be completely at the end of her wit and she often gets scared about the infection spreading to her brain, neck, head and different other parts of the body. At present, Christine is taking Cipro which she has also taken in the past and it has been of use for Christine because the infection cleared up. But recently, it has sprung up once again. Her doctors have again started giving her antibiotics that have been of no use in treating her staph infection.

Comment from Billebee, Female 35

Billebee had her baby and hours after having her baby that she felt that her child was not like all the other three children that she had. Her child was only three days old when Billebee noticed a peculiar smell from the child’s cord. On the fifth day, her child got scab and after about a week, her child developed pustule in the groin and the armpit. After about three weeks, she ca

me to know that her child had PVL MRSA and it was then that she admitted her child to the hospital for a period of two weeks. Her child was given various kinds of antibiotics that took 45 minutes to do some work but they have been of no use. Since then, her child has developed many infections and at present she has developed another boil.

Comment from John, Male 30

John has a body temperature that measures 102, his teeth chattering and his entire body shivering. There are tongue spasms and the tongue has turned blue. John has been sick for two days, he is extremely weak because of which he cannot move and his entire body is aching. He has had antibiotics but they have been of no use for him in curing his staph infection.


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