Analyzing the basis Staph Infection Statistics

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In Unite States FDA has been analyzing Staph Infection Statistics over a few years .In way back in 1983 around seven thousand cases of staph infection was recorded and only 127 people were stated to have this infection. Over the years in 1985 there were 14 outbreaks, 1986 witnessed only one outbreak although over 100 cases were reported. Globally it has been estimated that there are more than a million staph infection cases and over 90,000 people suffering from MRSA. Around 30% of US adults are normal carriers of staph bacteria and this infection is getting complicated day by day. UK is said to have the highest number of MRSA patients and Netherlands is the country where it is least infected. Among staph infection the percentage of MRSA is increasing on a daily basis. Some of it is discussed below.

Staph Infection StatisticsHow are these statistics studied?

When analyzing Staph Infection Statistics certain techniques are adopted which are:

  • Studying various cases where staph and other types of staph infection and MRSA is analyzed.
  • A special case where serious MRSA infection has been involved has been studied.
  • Cases have been researched where the patient has the staph bacteria in the body but has not been affected with it has been studied in great depth.

General data about MRSA

MRSA is a type of staph infection which is complex and has developed immunity to specific antibiotic medications. It has been estimated that more people face death when suffering from MRSA than AIDS. In 2011 over one million people died from MRSA in US. Staphylococcus aureus bacterium is present in the nose area in 1 out of 3 people. The simplest preventive method is keeping your hands clean.

How is Staph infection or MRSA infection occurring in hospitals?

Over the years staph infection has decreased by 28%. Most people are tested for any infection before they undergo admission process into a healthcare facility. This check has helped to control staph infection and reduce the break out of this inf

ection in hospital admitted patients. In 2011 reports showed MRSA infections which are invasive in nature are decreasing. But MRSA infection in children has increased and this is a result of the infected surgical devices like infected feeding tubes and development of blood infection as the central line gets affected.

Is Community MRSA or Staph Infection increasing?

As people are using strong anti bacterial products the Staph bacteria is becoming more resistant towards it.  MRSA is growing in leaps and bound in the existing population. In 1974 MRSA consisted of only two percentages but now MRSA is 70% of most staph infected disease. Various researches are being undertaken to combat this growth and develop new antibiotics which control staph and most especially staph infection.  The discovery of such medicine would revolutionize the medical world and help to control the advancement of staph infection in the near future.


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